The Brand: Respect The Pound. Is an entertainment platform, designed to give support towards the artistic talents of the masses. Founded in 2015, our mission is to give artist relative recognition for their craft while simultaneously creating the opportunity to display these talents towards people who appreciate them most. Respect The Pound Creator Lisa Brittany (Aliscia Worrell) hopes to send a positive message through out the community and nation wide, to always show respect.

People – Oughta – Understand – No – Disrespect


Who is The Pound: [The story of the Homeless Intern] The initials LB – In it’s second reference – the symbol of weight.

Respect The Pound creator, Lisa Brittany’s background in entertainment, stems from her younger years all the way up to today. At the age of 19, complications with the parent from her second adoptive home lead her to a homeless shelter for teens in the Times Square area of NYC called The Covenant House.

During her stay, a woman from within the entertainment industry came to the shelter and told residents that she’d be willing to help them with anything they wanted to do in life, anything at all. When asked why, she simply stated:

“Someone gave me a shot and helped me so I want to do the same”.

When she left, alot of the girls at the shelter seemed to be in disbelief. With some saying they didn’t think she would keep her word. The woman left her email address with everyone and while many of the girls stayed steady resistant, Lisa took heed to the opportunity. She eagerly sent her an email and told her of the dreams she had of working around music. But at the time, there was no reply. Discouraged but nonchalantly, Lisa let it go and considered that perhaps everyone may have been right. She moved on from the shelter into a group home and about 3 months in, after a failed interview attempt with a bank position, an email from the woman had arrived!

She pulled some strings and set up an interview for Lisa at Capitol records. It took a lot of preparation but she went on to ace that interview and landed the position. There, she would go on to work music projects with artist such as; Twista, Fat Joe, Omarion, Bobby Valentino, Snoop Dogg, Lloyd Banks, and countless others.

Now an intern with a dream, as time progressed the unpaid position wasn’t allowing her to excel financially. Coming from homelessness, her career path was forced to deviate towards a different field of work. But her heart always yearned to return to what originally became her passion, music!

About a year later, almost immediately as the wish came forth, the opportunity to explore online radio sprung into reality. From gaining familiarity in the field and learning the ins and outs, Lisa eventually discovered that her overall passion wasn’t solely music but the entertainment business as a whole.

The year 2014 brought about a new experience. Positioned as a correspondent for The SFPL, her reach had began to expand. Now with creating her own platform to stand firmly upon, the limits for her growth….endless!

” I believe we’ve all been blessed with gifts. Gifts that are meant to be given back to the world. Being able to praise the talents of people who I genuinely believe are dope, and show appreciation of their gifts through my words; along with the genuine love that’s been both received and returned…that feeling alone is priceless!” – Lisa Brittany.

Goals: Respect The Pound is a Limitited Liability Company, currently seeking to convert into a 501(c)(3) that will support young adults who have undergone foster care or homelessness through Journalism.

There will always be ups and downs, mishaps and mistakes in the pursuit of greatness, but in the position of restructuring and reevaluating what’s needed for the success of anything, it has now been understood that structure built on a solid foundation is key! And with finally putting the right energy into her own ideas, Lisa alongside The Respect The Pound Team believes this brand is going to take the world by storm! Watch it all unfold and remember to always Respect The Pound !!!

Watch: The Story Behind Respect The Pound

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