Who Killed Hope?: Season 2 of ‘Pieces’ Is Finally Here


Who Killed Hope?

First her pieces were hitting and now she is gone. Season 2 of Pieces is finally here, but Hope is no longer with us. Episode one opens up with the gang surrounding her tombstone, trying to figure who did this to her. Now trying to put clues together, we get taken back to the events that lead up to someone successfully offing Hope.


Getting into the series, Hope informs Max that she think it is time for them to expand their business. Which will result in Max getting her own crew, and even more pieces and even more money. But that didn’t stop Max from wondering who exactly was the connect, but Hope being herself; informed her that there was nothing to worry about and with time she will meet the connect.


Agent West (Played by Jasmin Nicole), finally got Killa; but her search still continues. With Killa behind bars, credit card fraud has increased even more, making Agent West’s job even more difficult since there is more than one crew out there. Now she has to go to the drawing board, and figure out a way to take all of the crews down.


Seven is back. Roc took her upstate to one of his hide-outs. He played doctor until she was feeling 100% better. He caught her up on what led to them being at the hide-out and picked her brain to see if she knew who shot her that night. Of course, she didn’t remember, but Roc wanted let her know that he was there for her and wanted to connect since he felt like they had a connection at the club the night of the shooting.


Guess who’s back! Three months earlier from the death of Hope, Killa was released from prison. And as they said it is going to be the coldest winter ever; and I believe it. But the big question is who killed Hope? Was it Killa? Roc and Seven? Max and Faith? Guess we would have to wait until episode 2 and the rest of season 2.


Watch the premiere of each episode Tuesdays at 9PM on their YouTube page.

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