Ms. Artistry & Hot 97’s DJ Drewski Host Billy Da Kid’s Listening Session In NYC

Last night in NYC, media guru Ms.Artistry alongside Hot 97’s very own Drewski hosted Billy Da Kid’s Listening session for his new mixtape History In The Making. The Staten Island native alongside The Water Team held back to no regard as they lead to truly put on for their city.

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Music executives, media outlets, artists, DJ’s and taste makers attended “Billy’s Listening Party such as, Rob Markman from MTV, Dee from Ruff Ryders, Jason Bourne from Platinum Boy Music, Malika Manning, Moe Money (BBOD) fromVH1’s Love & Hip Hop, Publicist Money Lynn, KM from All Hip Hop,, Strikkly Hip Hop, TheSource,, Let’sTalkAboutItMedia,  What’s Good, Hip Hop Weekly, and many more.

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As Drewski went through the tracklist, all heads were steady bopping in unison! Personal faves include, “It Iz What It Iz” produced by AudioBoomer, “M.I.A thoughts” which was a song believed to be stemmed by his prison experience. BDK went on to explain how jail helped him mold his career towards a positive light. Noticing the distance between himself and reality on the outside, Billy utilized the time to mold his craft. Now in a much better space, focusing on making his dreams a reality has never been easier!

The track titled 845 is my number one replay because of the story it holds. Although numbers certainly aren’t the go to for song titles these days, this ones got meaning! Produced by Bangers, this song became the anthem for his hood and its slogan after losing a dear friend at exactly 8:45. It was felt that his passing left an impact on Billy that predominantly pushed him for greater destines. Spitting since he was just 9 years old, BDK’s biggest musical influence (like many of us) is Hov. His overall main objective is to protect and to provide for his family. And judging by the looks of things here, he’s well on his way to an overflow.

QpydDjV  Fist Bump to you Billy!

Check out more great shots from this event, captured by visual curator Calligrafist

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