Respect The Real: Interview With Jason Lee

What is a celebrity? Despite the definition’s bland description, I’d like to explain it often as “a person who is celebrated by many.” There’s a bit of elegance within that. Gotta give it up for poise points. But interestingly enough, unfortunately at times, we don’t always seem bold enough to take pride in those facts.

More times than not, a person who is in the limelight has done something with a purpose whether we appreciate it or not. Whether we see the good within it or not, that’s completely up to us. But what we find here at RespectThePound is that dwelling deeper into the good vs bad reasons a person has fame can go a long way. The word “respect” itself to us, should form a barrier of appreciation despite ones negative flaws. A factor “everyone” truly wants for themselves but always has the most difficult time providing for others.

Starting today we’re going to be showing respect for some of the most authentic talent in daily entertainment. You’ll get the inside scoop from their perspective about their careers, both the good and the bad but most importantly the real. Our first interview starts with celebrity blogger Jason Lee.

Known best for his solid delivery of shade. Push the wrong button’s and your deepest darkest secrets just may see some light. But despite everyone’s general perception of Lee, the journey of his success is undeniably trill!

Watch the interview as we go behind the scenes on a photoshoot with Jason Lee and the ladies of Hollywood Unlocked NY below:

On a personal note, coming from a foster care background myself, I can of course connect to this story. The attitude to persevere through any and everything can ultimately turn anyone into a “savage”. But stories like these are the core to who we are. And all the success is the rewards of victory. Today we’re giving a major fist bump to you Jason Lee. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. And inspiring a little journalist like me to aim for the stars. #Respect ??

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