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Greatness is in the air! Like I keep finding web series after web series and I just have to tell you guys about them! And this time it is not based in Brooklyn but in South Florida. Now from my previous reviews, it is no secret I love drama and the street life; but Close Friends is based on friendship, dating, love, drama and everything you can think of; which made me binge watch season one to four in just two days. Close friends didn’t just peaked my interest, but also made me think about the question they asked.


 “Can men and women be just friends?” 

That is one question that is asked often and season one of Close friends make you wonder if men and women can really be just friends. The series consist of six friends, that knew each other from middle school, high school and college; but not only do they have a strong friendship, some of them have a strong relationship. After my binge watching session, I had to share this series with the world.


Meet Valerie (played by Erica Nicole) and Nathan (played by Julian Hanlan), these two knew each other since middle school. In season one, it starts off with Val and Nate going out on a chill date that started off good but ended awkwardly, with Nate wanting to end the date off with a kiss but got friend-zoned. Throughout the season the vibe between the two remained friendly with a hint of flirting until they realized that they liked each other more than just friends. They decided to take their relationship to the next level. At the end of season one, the fact that Nate had been sleeping with Val’s childhood friend put a strain on their relationship. In season two, they mended their relationship, but as the season came to an end so did their relationship.


Tori-ann (played by Ashley Arielle), is the childhood friend of Valerie and Nathan. In season one, Tori and Nate were secret lovers after she broke up with her on again, off again boyfriend Tristan.The two got back together but this time becoming engaged. At their engagement party, Tori’s secret was revealed confirming Tristan suspicions about the relationship between Nate and Tori; which broke them up for the 100th time.


Although they ended their engagement, the two found their way back to each other once again, but this time with Tristan having the worst case of trust issues. Due to a tragic incident Nate ends up in the hospital and this is where Tori realized she loved him and wanted to be with only him. After agreeing that they each would break things off with their respected partner, Tori did her part; but Nate didn’t. Season two ended with Tori and Nate together, but ended with Valerie being broken hearted, with a new job in San Francisco. But as much as Tori and Nate’s sneaking around annoyed me, I was happy they got to be with each other without having to sneak around behind anyone’s back. In season three, I was happy that they tied the knot and were happily married to one another. But that all changed came season four, since people from their past showed up and turned their world upside down, resulting in them making drastic decisions at the end of the season.


Kira (played by Debbie Obile) and Raheem (played by Nigel Hylton), my two favs in the series. These two could not stand each other. Kira couldn’t deal with Ra’s player ways. While Raheem couldn’t take Kira’s uppity attitude; but there was no denying the two had a thing for each other but they knew how to save face in front of the crew. That was until one night, Raheem had way too much to drink and ended up crashing at Kira’s house. After waking up and realizing where he was at, he stumbled into her room, and let’s just say the rest is history; that is until the end of season one, where Kira found out she was pregnant.


After receiving the information that he was going to be a father, Raheem didn’t want to believe he was the father of the baby. Which was a bad idea, because that didn’t sit well with Kira. After informing him about her upcoming doctor’s appointment, Kira let him decide if he wanted to be in the baby’s life or not. Come the following day, Raheem, picked Kira up to take her to the appointment; and the two got into a heated argument that didn’t end well. In season two, the two of them blamed each other for the drastic result of the argument they got into. Not wanting to take blame for the result, when in the same room, the two seemed to never get along.


My initial reaction when Kira and Raheem got their lives together.

But that all changed, come season three. Raheem had finally returned from being away and with his return, the two got to catch up during a sit down while waiting for their best friends’ wedding cake. In that sit down the two squashed their beef and from there everything between the two never been the same. They became the couple that snuck around not wanting to let the crew know that they were messing with each other; but boy was I happy that they decided to stop fronting on one another until season four where the past came to haunt them. Ra’s ex-girlfriend Alexis (Played by Shanea Longley) came back in town and wanted to rekindle their relationship. Having to choose between Kira and his ex-girlfriend; Raheem had to show up to one of their apartment’s making his decision on who he wanted to be with; but that was all put on pause when he was put in a situation that left him stranded where he was at. Sadly that’s where season four ended.


Finally, Kevin (played by Austin Buda) and Stacy (played by Kristian Hilbert); the most dysfunctional couple in this whole series. In season one, the two reunited after breaking up due to Stacy leaving Kevin for a new job in a different location. After finally getting over her, he moved on to a girl who got him hooked on drugs. One day, he was in the store and he ran into Stacy. She noticed that he didn’t look the same, and a red flag went up in her head. She started showing up and check on Kevin; until she found out he was doing drugs. She helped him get into a program that would help him beat his addiction. In season two, Stacy’s ex-boyfriend Malcolm (played by Jamal Hamilton) showed up and started making things between the two uneasy.


Stacy, got a phone call from Malcolm; saying, that he wouldn’t leave her alone until, she sits down with him and have lunch. While out having lunch with him, Stacy ran into Kira. Not liking what she was seeing, Kira called Kevin and told him what she just witnessed. After confronting, Stacy on her actions, Kevin admitted that he never stopped doing drugs, he got better at hiding his habit although he did go to the program for addicts just to cover his actions. Come season three, Stacy’s big secret is revealed which causes a rift between Kevin and one of his best friends. After his separation with Stacy, Kevin got close to his next girlfriend. But after a while he noticed that he never knew what it felt like to be single so he broke it off and experienced the single life; but that was until he slipped up and had sex with Stacy.


Of course the drama doesn’t stop there, Stacy ends up with a bun in the oven which raises the million dollar question, who’s baby is it. Coming to the ending of season four, it looks like the baby isn’t Kevin’s. But That’s where the season ends. Leaving us at season five. I can say this series had my emotions all over the place. But I can say it is definitely one of my favorites; which is why if you haven’t, I recommend you check it out. It’s funny, has drama and a dope soundtrack to go along with it. So! Check out ‘Close Friends’ on their YouTube page right now.

#FistBump to Ricky W. Jean Francois and the cast of Close Friends.

 – Respect

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