Respect The Series: ‘Pieces’ Webseries Recap


“My Pieces Hittin’!”

Scrolling through Instagram, I’ve been seeing a lot about this new web series. So due to my curiosity, I logged into YouTube and got right into it. Step into the web series “Pieces” based in Brooklyn, NY. Starting with just a night out with her girls and getting educated on the new hustle “scamming,” Hope got her first look at the benefits of a scammer when the biggest scammer out of Brooklyn was popping bottles left and right and she got to chop it up with one of the workers ‘Diddy’. After an epic one night stand; Hope’s life did a 180.


After witnessing Diddy getting killed, Hope stole his bag with all of his things in it and left the scene without getting noticed. Now in that bag he had a few “pieces,” and a notebook filled with information that linked to the connect. Once she tested out one of the pieces that was in the bag; and it got approved; Hope knew she was in the money. She went home and studied Diddy’s notebook getting what she needed to get her operation popping. After she had everything down, she knew she needed to assemble a team. Of course she tapped her girls to join the squad but she didn’t tell them the full truth. All they knew was that Hope knew the boss and they were about to get paid.


Squad, Check! Next comes the connect. After going through Diddy’s computer and tracking the connect’s information. Hope, knew she had to talk with him in order for her to work some things out with him. That’s where Haan comes in; he is the connect himself. See, he had no idea why or how Hope found him; but what he did know was that she meant business since he had two options. Hear what Hope had to offer or get sent to his maker.


Y’all know what he did right? Of course he chose to hear what she had to say; He had that thing pointing at his dome. Keeping the lie up that she is working for someone; Hope explains to Haan that she would like for him to continue to provide the other scammers numbers to work with but she would like the best numbers he got. While the others will get the crappy numbers; he would get a percentage of the profit…Do y’all think he accepted the offer?


Let’s take a break on Hope and take a look at Roc. He works for Killa, who promoted him to handling the numbers and distribution; which used to be Diddy’s job. After getting the promotion; Roc noticed that things were slow when it came to the pieces. But he promised Killa that he would find out why everything was moving slow.


With Hope, her squad is in check; she has a connect on her side; but after taking her operation on the road and cashing out on some things. All the girls got paid; but one just didn’t know how to act once that money touched her hand. Meet Seven; queen of team too much. After getting that shmoney; shorty got her Oprah on.


“You get some shoes, and you get some shoes.” Seven was rolling in dough and she wasn’t afraid to show it. Bad move mama. As one of the episodes stated the “streets are watching.”


Not only were the streets watching; but Max was too; and she didn’t approve of the way Seven was moving. Like any normal person would; Max informed the leader of the pack, Hope on Seven’s recent splurging adventures. Hope informed her that she was going to speak Miss Seven about her spending habits.

“Make money with a b*tch and all of a sudden she thinks she f*ckin’ own you,” – Seven 

And just like that the squad was divided. On one side you got Seven by her lonesome, and Hope plus Max on another side. Not liking how the squad was treating her, Seven easily noted that the people she once called her friends were now her enemy. But it doesn’t stop there. Seven had been talking to Roc who put two and two together to know that Hope is the reason why he been getting the weak numbers; but with whom would you talk to receive the information you need. The source herself.


Big time scammer, Killa got his opportunity to come face to face with Hope. Tied up, with no place to go; Hope worked the best way she could to give Killa the information he was looking for. Talking to him nicely, Hope got her chance to get away. Continuing with her operation; Hope handled all her obstacles accordingly. Seven got handled by the streets and Killa; well the law enforcement handled him.

Which leads us to season 2; which drops March 1st. Check out the trailer below:


#FistBump to the Director Kareem Baptiste and Producer Streetsy Baptiste; Y’all got a hit series on y’all hand.

 – Respect

Saraya Niq

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