Respect The Real: Interview With Melyssa Ford

To expose the world to our most intimate self. One can find many faults within such an act. But on the contrary, today’s question; what is it to be free? No restraints, but full range to rise above and beyond all criticism and become our best selves. That should be the goal for everybody right?

But ultimately our mental road blocks keep us blinded from seeing the truth that lies (more times than not) right in our faces.

I recently received the dope opportunity to interview the beautiful Melyssa Ford. One that arguably changed the game as “Video Vixen” back in the early 2000’s and has impacted the industry so much with her vibrant attitude and unapologetic sex appeal!

Majority ignore the call for freedom and often shame others who have gained. But in the name of “Celebrity” and for Entertainment’s sake, why seek to bash what many crave to have and admire? Challenge and debate me if you must but be sure to check out the interview below before you take your stance and let us know whether Melyssa’s personal excitement for life and success doesn’t give you a bit of life yourself:

I’ve gotta send a special thanks to the man who wears many genius hats Lee Charm for Art Direction as well as the amazing videographer and editor Renard Rey for his incredible filming skills.

But most importantly…

Fistbump To You Melyssa! You’re spirit is a light the world should appreciate


Lisa Brittany

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