Jidenna Launches Rapper Radio Campaign For “Bambi”!

Fans and die-hard Jenerals have been bumping “Bambi” since the song debuted on his critically-acclaimed LP, The Chief. Now, Jidenna is giving them a way to share their love of the song using Rapper Radio.

Launching today, the Rapper Radio campaign gives listeners a tool to request “Bambi” on their local radio stations, sharing the track’s inimitable vibe with everyone in their city.

Rapper Radio was initially launched by Chance the Rapper and his team as a way for artists to connect with and empower their fans.

Jidenna says, “My comrade Chance keeps paving the way for all artists and their teams, independent or major, to do what they’re meant to do: share their creativity with the world and inspire others to do the same.”

Check out Jidenna Radio here: http://rapperradio.com/JidennaRadio


Lisa Brittany

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