Mr. IVL Drops Sweet Sixteens

New Music Alert! The Bro does it again! IVL Sweet Sixteens mixtape is out now and i’m all over it! Issa Hit! Brownsville’s very own IVL is determined to make it happen for his hood. Which is every rappers dream in a sense but not everyone will go the extra mile to make it happen. His visit to DTF Radio yesterday goes to show, the grind doesn’t stop for L and his Incredible Vision.

Watch the studio clip below:

When asked about the name of the project “Why Sweet Sixteen’s”, L’s response:

“Well aside from the fact that each beat on the project is at least 16 years or better, It was mainly because It only takes 16 Bars to get ya point across in this rap game.”

A concept i’m exceptionally fond of. Personal favorites include; Triumph Feat S Bonnie, Pay Back Feat Ju$$-B Euro, and Emotional Feat Grease just to name a few. Check out the dope project and let me know your thoughts below:


Lisa Brittany



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