Respect The Artist: Squash FT. J Deuce & KG “The Usual”

Fresh from that SXSW stage, well kinda.Here’s some new music from a couple of my faves. Squash and J Deuce.

Their new song “The Usual” has a smooth, smoke, chill vibe even tho these guys can most certainly turn up too! Squash has been writing poetry since he was in elementary school. From there he transitioned into making music once he turned 17.

The first beat he ever wrote to was Otis. Squash’s main goal is to spread love, talk from his personal perspective of things and look out for the young generations coming up behind us.

I’m a big dreamer so music was an outlet for me to express myself more and be creative.

When asked about the artwork:

The art work idea came from the first time I touched down in Texas with my Bro Deuce. Driving to Dallas 6’oclock in the morning, while bumping The Usual the sunrise was beautiful. So when we got back home that was the only thing on my mind.

Some of Squash’s biggest influences start off with his Mom and Dad, Jay z, Lauryn Hill, J.Cole, Chance The Rapper, and Lecrae just to name a few. Both Squash and J Deuce are two humble dudes who just want to make their way through music. Paying homage to all musicians alike, check out their new track “The Usual” below and let me know your thoughts below:


Lisa Brittany

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