Black Lives That Matter: “Feed Your Fresh” The Simon Busano Story

For this  to be a free world, the cost of a life is one hell of an expense. Especially a black one. As a law abiding citizen, I’ve been mentally exhausted by the chaos this country has to offer. Not diminishing any of the good but simply taking a moment to acknowledge some flaws.

Better with writing rather than speaking, the words flow smoother on a keyboard for me. But for this message we chose to take the visual approach which is keeping up with the times at its best.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, I’d like to take the time to introduce Simon Busano. A Belizian kid from the great city of Brooklyn, NY. A neighborhood hero with genius spunk, his artistic values placed in his craft have left an impact on many.

Their Mission:

Life in a Lomein box is life in your own world. We all live in our own world, our own box so to speak. A box that has whatever you can imagine in it. But just know your box is never complete, yes people say “think outside the box” but why? My lomein box is my world, your LoMein box is your world. Share your box share your world, that’s how I see it, think inside your box, then Hop ​out and share it with the peopl​e.

I believe its safe to say the Black Lives Matter movement particularly received a bad wrap after its name was devalued by nay sayers, people with hidden agendas, and the confused. This is the story of a Black Life That Matters. His story is our’s:

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  1. This is my friend and I pray justice prevails for this young man.His life more than matters it is a living testimony of the failure and unjust laws in our nation.

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