Mommy & Me Entertainment Host Private Screening For ‘Raising Heaven’


This past Sunday, a private screening was held for the premiere of Raising Heaven on GO90. Raising Heaven is a reality show that centers around Tianne King and her six-year-old daughter, Heaven.

You may know Tianne and Heaven from their appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2013 after a video of them dancing went viral.


The private screening was a family friendly event with the majority of the guests being young children with their families. Besides being treated to a first look at Raising Heaven, children were also treated to face painting.

The screening event took place at Suite 116, an event space in Harlem. The room was decorated with pink and white bunting covering the walls and ceiling; and pink sashes tied around each chair.

Guests were served small appetizers by two very special waiters, as they waited for the guests of honor. What made these waiters special (and pretty adorable) was that these two waiters were kids, dressed in waiter attire complete with the black and white waiter color scheme.

Image via Instagram; @Tianneking

Image via Instagram; @Tianneking

The stars of the show arrived to applause, cheers, and flashes from cameras taking photos of them as they made their way into the venue. After arriving and stopping briefly to greet guests, the stars of Raising Heaven made their way to a small stage in the front of the room, where they posed for pictures. Pictures included photos of Tianne and Heaven together, photos with family and friends, and photos with several sponsors of the event.

After a round of pictures, the time finally came for the screening of the first episode. First, King showed the trailer for the show. When the trailer ended, it was time for the big moment! Since King wasn’t allowed to air the final product of the show, the rough cut of the first episode was shown.


The first episode follows Tianne and Heaven as they spend a day at the beach with family and friends. The entire show gives viewers a look into their everyday lives. To follow after the episode viewing, King showed a short clip of bloopers, which had event goers laughing in their seats.

The Raising Heaven viewing event was thrown by Mommy & Me Entertainment, which was founded by King as a way to celebrate the bond between a mother and her child. According to the Mommy & Me website, King created the company/brand as a way to “continue to inspire young talented mothers to never stop chasing their dreams.”

Stream Raising Heaven now on Go90.

For more information about the brand, Tianne and Heaven, visit the Mommy & Me Entertainment website.


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  1. December 10, 2016 at 10:28 pm

    i really love haven she’s the best she has the coolset mom ever i wish i had an iphone and the life she lives shes the best i hope the best for her and her mom they are special i know and love dancing i go to ms keke school of dance i wish i could meet her and be in her video but i hope they stay as special as they are i watch their video every single day i make time for haven and her mommy tianne . They are royalty queens!

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