Respect The Sounds: Mazzi & S.O.U.L. Purpose “The Building”

I really get a kick out of being introduced to an artist. To all of my avid readers, by now there should be no surprise, sometimes I’m guilty of living under a rock. But it works for me when I hear new music because I get to experience it on my own timeframe with a fresh sense of enthusiasm that’s not influenced by anyone else. Visual curator Calligrafist always sends me some of the dopest stuff and this is no exception.

Philanthropy is the core to supporting our society’s unbalanced position. The idea of giving alone more times then not, places people in a positive and happy mood on both the giver and the receivers end. Musicians are in my opinion natural born philanthropist because music also contains the ability to heal. And although many things have tried to contain this idea, truth of the matter is Music has all the power. So to hear about an artist who uses all of their talent to help, uplift, and heal, we’ve gotta send a fist bump to that! Read about Mazzi & Soul Purpose below:

As musicians, Mazzi & S.O.U.L. Purpose have always been dedicated to philanthropic work across the globe… From working w/non profit organizations & charities by donating all profits from album sales, to conducting & organizing workshops & performances for underprivileged youth in several countries, we have always strived to bring social awareness, activism, & unity through Hip Hop culture. We are from the people & for the people. We dedicate our time & energy to better any situation we’re involved in w/zero politics! So please help us as we embark on raising money to build clean water wells & facilities in Uganda & Kenya… 100% of the profits from the Mazzi & S.O.U.L. Purpose “The Building” album will go towards this cause in conjunction w/Rockwell Foundation & Well Aware… For even more information, you can check out:

“The Building” album Clean Water Promo video:

“The Building” Album For Clean Water from soulpurposetv on Vimeo.

Personal favorites include “Here Come The Girls”, “…Love the Police”, a song that actually challenges the stance police have in supporting the wrongs within their forces rather than acknowledging the flaws that lie within. “Baby, Baby, Baby” gets me hype automatically because any and everything James Brown is Clutch! TBH, the list continues for quite a bit. For me, “A Head Bop Is Hip Hop!” Arguably of course. But the core to what people appreciate about the craft is either one of two things, bringing an authentic new sound or wave that broadly effects the masses or recreating the aura and paying homage to our forefathers that paved the way for the present and future. But in my opinion Mazzi does well in both bringing his unique sound that all seems like a blast from the past. I’m gonna go do my homework on this artist and sort through some of his past projects. But in the meanwhile,┬ábe sure to check out “The Building” to not only rock out to some dope tunes but support the worthy cause #H2Flow. [Click The Link Below]

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